The subject inteds to give an intensive overview over the main drivers and facilitators that lead the logistics behaviour of a company or network of companies.

Contents and Lessons.

1. Introduction

1.1 Introduction to Logistics and Supply Chain

1.2 Supply Chain Strategy and Distribution Network.

2 Inventory Control.

2.1 Inventory Control Policies 2.2 Reconcilying

3. Operations

3.1 Transportation.

3.2 Warehousing

4 Product and Process Selection

4.1 Unit Load and Identification

4.2 Process Selection

5 Supply Network

5.1 Facility Location

5.2 Sourcing and Supplier Selection

6 Operations Planning and Control

6.1 SPCO

6.2 Lean Manufacturing

7 Value and Complexity

7.1 Price, Value, Cost

7.2 Complexity and Uncertainty.


The subject uses three types of elements that are evaluated.